• TL2024

    TL 2024 efficiently satisfies the needs of short runs and on-demand printing. It is the best solution for personalized souvenirs, customized gifts.

  • TDL1161 EH/ TDL1060
    TDL1161 EH/ TDL1060

    THE TDL1060EH is designed to combine high-quality performance and high speed at an affordable price. It efficiently satisfies the needs of short runs printing.

  • TBC/ TB
    TBC/ TB

    TBC270 is an innovative multi-color UV-LED curing inkjet printer specifically engineered for direct printing on conical/ cylindrical objects, like cups, bottles, tins and cans. Utilizing environmental-friendly ...

  • TR770

    TR770 is a true flatbed UV-LED inkjet printer designed for efficient, versatile, medium-volume print production. It also supports a separate and dedicated roll media.

  • TC500/ TC800/ TC800 EH
    TC500/ TC800/ TC800 EH

    TC series printer improves productivity of short- and long-run print jobs featuring multiple operation zones for loading, printing and unloading.