Flatbed Printer
Flatbed Printer
  • CG1313

    The CG1313 printer is a high-performance UV-LED flatbed inkjet print system with moving gantry. Thanks to the true flatbed architecture and UV-LED curable technology, the CG1313 printer owns the ability to prin ...

  • TA2521

    TA2521 is the latest economy UV-LED flatbed inkjet printer offered by us. Equipped with industrial high-resolution DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads, TA2521 delivers vivid colors and fine details, and at ...

  • FG2512

    FG series printer utilizes the most advanced Ricoh print heads and Kyocera print heads. Print heads feature up to 600dpi physical resolution, minimum 7pl droplet and high jetting frequency. One print head can p ...

  • TL2024

    TL 2024 efficiently satisfies the needs of short runs and on-demand printing. It is the best solution for personalized souvenirs, customized gifts.

  • TDL1161 EH/ TDL1060
    TDL1161 EH/ TDL1060

    TDL series is a UV-LED flatbed inkjet printer combining reliability, stability and versatility, easily achieves high-speed and high-quality printing.