Trade Shows & Events

        On March 28th, 2018, the 26-year-established APPPEXPO, namely, Shanghai Int’l Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition, made its debut as the exhibition unit of SHIAF (Shanghai International Advertising Festival) in NECC (Shanghai). This exhibition lasted for four days and came to a grand finale at March 31st.

        At booth No. A1131, Hall 3H, CosmoInkjet is undoubtedly a star competing with plenty of world-leading digital inkjet printing brands. With a 90㎡ exhibiting area, CosmoInkjet presented five UV-LED inkjet printers, impressing all the visitors with cutting-edge technologies and products. On site, CosmoInkjet also demonstrated versatile applications in the Ad & Sign industry.

        CosmoInkjet is mainly engaged in the business of UV-LED inkjet printers, including roll-to-roll inkjet printers, flatbed inkjet printers and all-in-one hybrid inkjet printers.

Printers presented in this exhibition include two roll-to-roll inkjet printers, CRL33 and SL16, as well as three flatbed inkjet printers, FG2512, CG1313 and TL2024. Among them, CRL33 is the latest developed product that CosmoInkjet chose to launch in such a significant occasion.

1. CRL33 Wide-format UV-LED Roll-to-roll Inkjet Printer   

       CRL33 is our new generation wide-format UV-LED inkjet printer representing a breakthrough innovation in the roll-to-roll printing market, especially suitable for high quality printing of ultrathin flexible substrates. UV-LED curing system allows higher production capacity with lower energy, costs and time. Featuring a 3.2m maximum print width and superior productivity, CRL33 is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. With the highly reliable CRL33, you can not only produce traditional jobs as you do today, but open up new revenue resources with a variety of newly-developed application offerings.

        On site, CRL33 demonstrated printing on a variety of media, including premium backlit fabrics and soft films, widely applied in indoor & outdoor ad and light box displays of high accuracy.

        2. SL16 UV-LED Roll-to-roll Inkjet Printer

       Utilizing the most advanced DOD piezoelectric print heads, SL16 is especially designed to combine leading printing speeds and durable printouts for large-format indoor & outdoor signage and displays. Thanks to SL16’s flexible media handling mechanism including both roll-to-roll take-up & release device and an optional supporting table, it is easy to realize high quality printing no matter on flexible roll media or rigid board media, satisfying various needs in indoor & outdoor applications.

        In the exhibition, SL16 printed on films and photo paper. The bright colors and fine details, together with immense visual impact of the printouts all made a strong proof again that SL16 is the best choice for high-end business applications, not limited to displays and exhibitions in shopping malls or the open air, but promotional displays in stores.

  3. FG2512 Wide-format UV-LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer

        With movable printing gantry design, FG2512 is the best choice for heavy and thick substrates. It can print on extraordinarily heavy substrate whose thickness is up to 76.2mm (3.0"), within 200kg. Perfectly configured with Spot Color, FG2512 not only achieves high color consistency, but improves the print design and quality in particular, especially suitable for printing widespread background colors on packaging and books.

       FG2512 displayed on site demonstrated printing on packaging with CMYK and CMYK + Spot Color simultaneously, showcasing the advantages of Spot Color printing to the public. Thanks to the accurate Spot Color configuration of FG2512, bright colors and vivid details are reproduced. Its superior printing quality attracted the eyes of not only the audience but other exhibitors.

  4. CG1313 Wide-format UV-LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer

        The CG1313 printer is a high-performance UV-LED flatbed inkjet print system with moving gantry. Thanks to the true flatbed architecture and UV-LED curable technology, the CG1313 printer owns the ability to print on almost any sheet, board, or object up to 100 mm (3.94”) thick. The CG1313 printer will give you competitive advantages and help you grow your business.

        For the exhibition, CG1313 demonstrated printing portrait images on PVC white board with fine details, smooth gradients and accurate colors, impressing the audience with its outstanding performance.

  5.TL UV-LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer

        TL2024 delivers vivid colors and fine details, and at the same time, works seamlessly with professional ColorPRINT RIP and color management software, efficiently satisfying the needs of short runs and on-demand printing. TL2024 is the best solution for personalized souvenirs, customized gifts, and special promotional materials.

       TL2024 displayed on site demonstrated printing on PVC white board. And its highly effective 2.5D phone case printing with templates drew great attentions from the audience.

        During the four-day show, FG2512 and CG1313 won the most praises with their excellent performance, representing the highest level of CosmoInkjet products. According to our colleagues providing supports on site, many present world famous companies also gave a nod to these two star printers and even expressed strong interest for further information regarding details.

        CosmoInkjet’s debut in this exhibition drew a great number of special attentions from clients and professionals both at home and abroad. It is worth mentioning that during the exhibition, we received a group of visitors consisting nearly 20 Koreans who returned to our booth to highly praise our products after comparing with equipment produced by other well-known brands.

        Throughout the entire exhibition, the superb printing quality and leading product performance have won us a place in the medium- and high-end inkjet printing market. The good news is that the prevailing trend in the domestic inkjet printing industry has changed from price wars to a healthy quality-oriented competition. Besides the traditional ad printing, clients’ diversifications for other industrial applications also raised a demand on a larger printing media scope. Our UV-LED curing technology features wide media compatibility and opens the door to limitless applications, making us excel in the market against fierce competition by providing accurate colors, fast printing speeds, durable printouts and many alike.

        After so many years of accumulation and preparation, now it is time to show our real strengths and look into the bright future for win-win accomplishments!