UV Lamps

UV-LED Light

NuviLIGHT® UV-LED light systems deliver superior performance, maximum UV energy and real-world reliability in both air and water cooled configurations. Ultraviolet (UV) LED systems are compact solid-state devices providing low energy consumption without moving parts. They are environmentally friendly with no ozone generation and mercury free.

NuviLIGHT UV-LED light systems provide the following features and benefits:

Features Benefits
Performance: High Intensity Light Source Spectral radiant power equivalent to multi kilowatt mercury vapor lamp
Patented Technology encapsulated LEDs, arrays, optics, and cooling Increased productivity, maintenance free
Reliability: consistent UV output over time, longer life Lower cost of ownership
Instant on/off – Enabled only when required for curing Less energy required, lower operating costs
Environmentally Friendly Safer – mercury and ozone free
Small form factor and integrated electronic controls Easy Integration
Cooler operating temperature Ability to cure on heat sensitive substrates

NuviLIGHT UV-LED light systems are available in four models. For more information, please click here.
FAA075020-04, FAA050020-04, EAA075010-02, EAA110010-02